" When you aim high and you want to create a difference,

                                                                        all you need is a SPARK from your heart."


Perfection is always just out of reach; but continually striving for perfection contributes in keeping both our instructions fresh and our interest in teaching piqued .We encourage activity based learning wherein the teacher becomes a facilitator and paves the way for an exchange of knowledge and ideas. Every student is treated as an individual with a distinctive learning inclination and unique ability. The school’s central philosophy is to elicit the best from each student by

  •  Recognizing and rewarding the achievements of our students.
  • Giving every child an equal and fair opportunity to develop inborn talent.
  • Motivating children to participate in various activities.
  • Encouraging them to shoulder responsibilities.
  • Continuous monitoring of students and their work
  • Managing change in the curriculum in keeping with the C.B.S.E directives.
  • Regular parent-teacher interaction.



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"Beware of little expenses. A small leak will sink a great ship.~ Benjamin Franklin "