Awards are great confidence boosters. Recognition of good work provides a positive reinforcement to the students and encourages them towards healthy competition. At Brain International, Students are awarded certificates for a variety of scholastic and non-scholastic talents. Criteria for Awards is as follows:
  1.       SCHOLAR BADGE :  IV-X with minimum 85% and above in all subjects .
  2.       SCHOLAR BLAZER : will be awarded to any student who earns a scholar badge for three consecutive years.(provided he/she is continuing in school the following year)
  3.       MERIT CERTIFICATE : A certificate of merit will be awarded for the following :
    a)   Proficiency (class-wise) Class X-XII [Highest scorer subject wise with minimum 85%]
    b)   For excelling in games/sports ( CBSE/District/State/National)
    c)   For excelling in cultural activities (Art, Music, Dance etc.)
    d)   For most discipline, best oratory skills & dressing up well.
    e)   For obtaining 100% attendance.
  4.       All rounder award will be given to deserving children from class Nursery and above.
  5.       Certificates will be given for various monthly activities  and competitions to be held as per the details given in the almanac.
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