Celebrations 2014-15



Science involves a lot of communication with other people and develops patience and perseverance in children. It teaches them about the world around them. It can spark the young minds that they too can help solve the world's big problems.  In order to develop a scientific temperament amongst all the students the Science Week was celebrated in BIS from 14 to 19 July Activities like BE A SCIENTIST, SCIENCE CONGRESS, FLOWER ARRANGEMENT, FANCY DRESS ON MEDICINAL PLANTS, etc were conducted   The students showed immense enthusiasm and zeal through their collective. 




Hindi week was celebrated from 5th May 2014 to 9th May 2014. Competitions like quiz, debate,  characters cum alive, collage making, slogan writing with themes like Corruption, Environment were organized in which students participated with lot of enthusiasm

A special assembly was conducted on 7th July 2013 by VIII-B on “World Population Day”. A speech explaining the significance of the day was given by Ashna Kapoor in which the students were given information as to why this date is chosen for observing the world population day , it was followed  by a poem recited by Tanya Arora titled ‘No More’. A Skit was enacted by the students on the same theme that gave a glimpse of the negative impacts of the rapid growth of population in India depicting illiteracy, poor medical services, and youth migration. Lastly, a song was presented by students on world population day. 

‘If you educate a girl, you educate a nation’.
To make the students realize the importance of ‘Girl Education’, a special assembly was conducted on14th July 2014 by class VII-B. A speech was given by Rishabh Arora on the importance of Girl Education. In this informative speech, the students were given information on why it is important to educate each and every girl of the country which was followed by a skit, which was enacted by the students on the same theme. The skit gave a glimpse of the difficulties faced by a girl for getting education and that she is always seen as a burden. Then a poem was recited by Saumil Babuta titled ‘Education for Girls’. A group song was presented on girl education. Lastly, a group dance was presented by the girls on Girl Education.


The students of classes XII A and B presented a special assembly on World Heritage Day on 16th April’ 14.  They enacted a small play highlighting how and why our valuable monuments should be protected. It was followed by a graceful dance performance and the song “What a wonderful day…”.

Also a special assembly on Earth Day was conducted by class X on 23 April, 2014 personifying Earth and giving the message to reduce the global warming.

To felicitate and make the class IV employees feel important, a special assembly themed ‘Labour Day’ was organised by class XI on 1st May’14.  Students from senior classes enacted the responsibilities carried out by them in maintaining cleanliness, decorum, safety and providing all with the unmatched assistance everyday.  All the helping staff were given shirts and sarees as a token of gratitude for their diligent service.

"If tombstones told the truth, everybody would wish to be buried at sea. ~ John W. Raper "

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