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Christmas was celebrated on December 24, 2018 with grandeur at BIS. Students of Class VII A showcased the Nativity Play where they enlightened their peers about the birth and life of Jesus Christ. Soulful melodies filled the air as the students sang carols depicting the different phases of Jesus Christ’ birth. The celebration culminated with Santa Claus dancing merrily and distributing sweets to the little ones and their parents. What a great way to start the holiday season!

Celebrations of Diwali

Celebrations of Diwali, the festivals of light came alive in BIS on 5th October, 2018 when the whole school wore a festive look with pots, diyas and lanterns. Artistic temperaments of the students added more colour to the festival as they made candles and Bandhavan that were distributed to less fortunate ones. Pot lunch was organised by the school and students shared their relishing cuisines with the genitors of the school too. The celebrations by the students show their sharing and caring attitude thus giving a new breath to the teachers and principal ma’am as it was the outcome of the values taught to them in the school which added a perfect setting to the festivity.
During the morning assembly students talked about the significance of the festival, how good always conquers evil and also how Diwali should be celebrated across the country. Principal ma’am sensitised the students about the ill- effects of crackers and wished everyone a Happy and Prosperous Diwali.

Glimpses of "Sharing is Caring" is posted in the following Youtube link..

Halloween Celebration

The tradition of Halloween started in the European countries during ancient times when the last evening of summer was celebrated as the day when people lit fires and dressed as ghosts believing that this would ward off evil spirits.
A Halloween theme based celebrations was organized in BIS on 30th October 2018. A classroom was transformed into a scary room for the children to soak in the Halloween spirit. The children also came dressed up in spooky attires and were excited to be a part of the Halloween celebrations at school.

Teachers Day Celebration 

Teachers can change lives with just a right mix of chalk and challenges

Students of Brain International School acknowledged the hard work and commitment that their teachers put in for them each day by celebrating Teachers Day generously. They performed some activities for their teachers and also felicitated them with titles exhibiting their personalities. They invited the Principal to say a few words of appreciation for the staff.

After having received such love and respect from the children, teachers moved to the Hotel Sam Surya, Rajouri Garden for a gala lunch. There all the teachers of BIS presented a bouquet to the Principal ma’am and thanked her for the support she extends to her staff and students. After that she was requested to cut the cake. To brighten up the atmosphere there were many ravishing dance performances by the teachers and many games were played like ‘Pass the bottle’, ‘Echo of Om’ followed by some surprising activities. .
The program concluded with ‘Shayari’ presented beautifully by a staff member which left everyone wanting for more. In the end, everyone stepped up on the stage for a group dance and felt ecstatic.
In order to celebrate the birthday of Lord Krishna, a celebration was organised by Nursery and Prep class of Brain School for Children on 31st August 2018. All children came in traditional dresses. Some boys came dressed as ‘Krishna’ and some girls came dressed as ‘Radha’. Beautiful decorations were put up to make this event more cheerful and colourful. Children danced and chanted Hare Rama Hare Krishna. A ‘Matki Phod’ event was also organised to mark the mischievous nature of ‘Bal Gopal’.
Independence Day 2018
School Brain celebrated India’s 72nd Independence Day with grandeur. The program witnessed the benign presence of the Vice Chairman of the school Mr. N. L. Gupta, the Director Mr. Suresh Goyat, the Manager Mr. Ved Prakash, the August members of the managing committee Ms. Swati Sharma and Mrs. Seema Gupta. The celebration started with a disciplined march past followed by honouring our newly elected members of students’ council. An inspirational speech by the head boy Shreshtha Malhotra and the head girl Mehak Kukreja along with the oath taking ceremony marked the beginning of the responsibilities they took on their shoulders. The depiction of Hanuman Chalisa through a dance performance captivated the audience and was highly appreciated by all. Mitali Issar apprised everyone about the unknown facts and achievements of India. A patriotic Quawalli followed by a Hindi poem filled everyone’s heart with enthusiasm and a sense of pride. The orchestra presentation spell-bound the audience and the play depicting the life of ‘Aurangzeb’, a martyr in Kashmir, gave an emotional end to the celebration.
The flaring of the Indian flag high up in the air invoked in the audience the proud memories of the sacrifices of the freedom fighters.


Labour Day 
Work is not man’s punishment. It is his reward, his strength, his pleasure.
To appreciate the hard work rendered by the support-staff of the school, all helpers were invited on stage during a special assembly organized to celebrate Labour Day. The Principal distributed packets of goodies contributed by the students, sweets on behalf of the management of the school, along with school bags for the children of the support staff. It was a fitting tribute to the diligent men and women who strive to keep an institution functioning smoothly.


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