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Live the Life of Your Dreams when you start living the life of your dreams,
there will always be obstacles, doubters, mistakes and setbacks along the way.
But with hard work, perseverance and self-belief there is no limit to what you can achieve!

We at Brain International School, tickle the imagination of our children so that they can broaden their horizons, think out of the box and grasp faster. We encourage them to explore, experience, experiment and find their own path of discovery. We provide them with a stimulating environment where love, affection and joy bring out the best in them. We endeavour to sow the seeds of acceptance, collaboration and empathy that will help students to deal with the challenges they face as adults. Backed by a curriculum that encompasses the distinctiveness of east and west, BIS is dedicated to the moral, spiritual and ethical development of its children. We aim to edify them about the worth of honesty, dignity and justice to maintain the’ Legacy of Success’
With immense pride and gratification the Management, Principal, HM and Staff of BIS, congratulates all the students of class XII for their outstanding performance in the CBSE Boards(2019-20) taking the school to the zenith. We are extremely delighted to announce the names of our School Toppers:
Nishtha Arya -97.4 %(Science) 
Kavya Juneja- 95.6% (Humanities) 
Soumya Garg– 95%(Commerce).

We feel proud of all the other assiduous students who have continued our tradition of success with their splendid performance in the exams. We would like to extend our gratitude towards our diligent staff and cooperative parents for their constant efforts and motivation towards our children.


“Every stage of life is unique.
At any age and stage of life there are obstacles and opportunities, trials and triumphs.
Never allow the negative bring to you to sudden halt.
Make the most of the positive opportunities and stay positive.”

At Brain International School, education is looked upon as holistic learning experience to help children to develop qualities of head, hand and heart which will make them self-reliant individuals. We believe that every child is unique. Each one has a different pace of learning, which needs to be discovered by the teachers. Therefore, BIS strives to understand and fulfil the individual needs of its learners with an education system that builds the learners’ character and empowers them in all aspects – mental, physical, emotional and social. We, Brainites while basking in the glory of our success do not sit on our achieved laurels but tirelessly work to touch the sky. Our students never fail to make us proud with their persistent efforts , sheer hard work and optimistic approach in life. Within a span of two days , we have received another glad tidings of joy. With immense pleasure and pride, we would like to announce the toppers of Class X in CBSE BOARDS 2020 :
Yashika Gupta – 97.2 % -I Position
Anusha Anand – 96.8% - II Position
Karan Kukreja- 96.6 % - III Position

Our students have managed to pass with flying colours while adding the ‘cherry on the cake’ as we have got a whooping score of 100 in subjects like: Hindi , Maths , SSt and IT. The entire team of BIS feels privileged to witness this glorious result and we would like to extend our love , blessings and gratitude towards all of our shining stars and wish them for a more promising future ahead.


"What soap is to the body, laughter is to the soul. ~ Yiddish Proverb "

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