To foster the holistic development, there are a number of School Clubs, both academic and co-curricular. No matter which club you belong to, you can look forward to precious experiences that will help you to improve yourself and discover who you really are. 

The wealth of activities offered through these clubs capitalize on the student's interest and inclination. They play a pivotal role in honing a hobby and in moving the child into the learning mode. The student can choose from a spate of activities that are organized keeping in mind both aesthetic as well as contemporary viable pursuits.

  • Social Work club & Eco Club

  • Science club

  • Maths club

  • Computer club

  • French Club

  • German Club

  • Dramatics & public speaking (Eng/Hindi)

  • Cooking without fire

  • Art & craft

  • Dance (Folk / Classical / Odissi)

  • Music ( Vocal / Instrumental)

  • Basket ball

  • Lawn tennis

  • Taekwondo

  • Throw Ball (only for classes VI - XI)

  • Chess

  • Table Soccer

  • Cricket

  • Gymnastics

  • Skating (only for classes II-V)


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