Principal's Message

Success is a term that is widely used today. Success has different connotations for different people. It might mean money to one and fame to another. Gandhiji in his talisman for what is right and wrong says that the test for any action whether it is good or bad lies in how it affects the society. Anything that alleviates suffering and elevates the society is good.

As an educationist I feel that the greatest contribution one can make to the society is to prepare the citizens of tomorrow to be honest, upright and visionaries.

Successful men are the ones who make a mark in this world and make an impact on the society. Success, however, does not come in one day. It takes a sound value-based education, a clear mission and a far-reaching vision.

A school is a means to a wider end. It does not aim at marks alone. There is a broader aim which encompasses a variety of elements from the physical, mental and emotional development to the spiritual and cultural development.

In education, one can never sit back and think that one has achieved perfection, for, with contentment comes stagnation. We constantly strive for higher goals. The incentive, the drive, the motivation is constantly there to reach the next step in the quest for perfection.

As the principal of Brain International School, I have the responsibilities of management, academics and the fortune of nurturing the future of children. I am overwhelmed with the role I have to play for crafting a better society. With the school's state of the art infrastructure and excellent staff, I am more than confident that BIS will not only produce scholars but responsible and culturally awakened citizens, on whose able shoulders will rest the edifice of a strong, united and progressive India.

Ms.Seema Behl


"If tombstones told the truth, everybody would wish to be buried at sea. ~ John W. Raper "

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