“Its not just what you learn, but also how you learn”

Brain International has devised a comprehensive teaching methodology that combines together some of the best pedagogical ideas. Student gets ample opportunities to absorb new information, reason it out, see it in practice and them apply it in real world scenarios.
The methods that form the core of our methodology are:

Teacher Centered

The teacher acts as a guide and facilitator. She is at the center of child’s learning experience and uses lectures, questioning, and demonstrations to explain a concept.




In this method the child is given a platform to reason out the validity of new information. Once we are convinced about the purpose, we no longer need to remember the theory. This happens through discussions, group projects and other peer based activities.


Every child needs his space and time to fully develop his potential. Brain International understands the specific needs of its students and provides them instructions especially designed for them. This happens through independent project work, simulations, computer games and computer generated project instructions. Such a setup ensures that the child can learn at his own pace.

Playway Method


The perfect teaching method for tiny tots! This is an ideal blend of sports, academics, library, computers, music, art, etc. This is a stress free learning environment for kindergarten children. Though songs, stories, audio-visual aids, toys, games the student learns very important concepts in a fun filled manner. As the child moves to primary classes, there is a gradual shift towards academics, written work and textbooks.
"If tombstones told the truth, everybody would wish to be buried at sea. ~ John W. Raper "

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