Trips & Excursions 2019-20

The supreme court is the last line of defence for the separation of powers, rights and liberties guaranteed by the constitution

The Supreme Court of India is the highest judicial and the final court of appeal under the Constitution of India, the apical constitutional court, with the power of administrative review. It Consists of the Chief Justice of India and a maximum of 33 judges. The court has extensive powers in the form of original, appellate and advisory arbitration. BRAIN INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL organised an educational tour, a visit to Supreme Court of India on 19th October, wherein students got the opportunity to learn about the history and importance of the pinnacle Court .Students drew a vivid description of the nature of the law books kept in the library. They practically figured out the first hand idea of the functioning of the library which had more than 3 lakh 50 thousand books. The students had a call on to the museum as well. Overall it was an overwhelming experience where the students enrolled themselves about the effectiveness of law and order virtually.


The students of Classes IV , V and VI had the pleasant experience of visiting the Global Indoor Theme Park , KIDZANIA , Noida on 21.5.19 . The students were awestruck by the flamboyant theme of the mini models of real city. This platform offered hands on experience to the kids. The aim of the excursion was to empower, inspire and educate the kids by giving them the opportunity to learn by themselves.After enjoying the activities, the students enjoyed the hearty lunch with laughter along with their friends. The excursion ended on a positive note with memorable moments for a lifetime.

Movie Time

A movie show was organized for the students of Classes I to III on 15/05/19. The students were taken to Satyam, Janakpuri where they watched the movie ' Chhota Bheem Kung Fu Dhamaka' along with their teachers. Everyone enjoyed the show specially screened for them with cold drinks and popcorns.

Students of Nursery and Prep class went for the movie on 08.05.2019.The name of the movie was ICE AGE 5.They enjoyed the movie thoroughly. They were served Popcorns and cold drinks there. At the last they spent great time with their friends in the cinema hall.

Visit to Brahma Shakti Special School Old Palam Road, Delhi

SEWA has been designed to integrate social awareness, self awareness, empathy, interpersonal skills and effective communication skills into the curriculum of the students.In order to Foster strong mental and social bonding amongst today's future citizen, the students of Brain International school of classes XI A, B, C and XII A, B, C visited BrahmaShakti Special School Old Palam Road, Delhi special school, Nazafgarh and Holy heart special school Dwarka mor New Delhi on 29April 19' .On these centres they spent whole day, interacted with children with special needs and tried to enlighten them with Art and simple exercises. They danced with them, sang songs and shared their problems. They developed empathy with children with special needs and were sensetized about their problems. They realised the importance of being blessed with the balanced physical traits and learnt to respect each and every individual as unique creation of God.

Excursion to Bangla Sahib

As stated by CBSE GUIDELINES FOR SEWA BIS took the students on excursion to Bangla Sahib CP NEW DELHI on 26-04-19, the excursion was a sui generis for the students of 11th and 12th. It was an excursion holding in itself not the religious but spiritual values. Students did sewa by serving in the jodda ghar, made rootis in the Langar and served jal to the devotee who had come to seek the blessings of almighty. The excursion was a colossal experience teaching the students the values of serving others helping them and find complacency in leading a lucid but utilitarian life. The sewa taught the kids the value of happiness that one receives by being useful to the mankind in anyway they can. This expedition was an omniscient in approach, the acceptability of cultures, the exchange of thoughts, among and across new ideologies. Students also glared to be more extrovert in their approach to come out of the dark shell to enlighten their mind and soul and be helpful towards the Society with optimal grace and sincerity.

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