Special Assembly 2017-18


The school organises Special Assemblies on regular basis, throughout the year. Every student gets the opportunity to showcase his/her talent vis-a-vis dance, music, dramatics, oration, etc. The objective behind is to give platform to every child to exhibit their hidden qualities, sensitize them on various issues of social, religious and national importance and inculcate team spirit and responsibility .


Session 2017-18


A special assembly was conducted by the students of class II- B on 19.09.17 on the topic Save Paper , Save Earth. The students presented a skit where they depicted the pain trees feel when we waste paper non-chalantly. The skit was followed by a dance performance on the same theme furthering the message that saving paper is the need of the hour. The assembly was appreciated by the Principal, Head Mistress, students, teachers and parents who spared their valuable time to encourage the participants.



It is a famous proverb which means maintenance of cleanliness leads a person towards goodness.On 11th September 2017 class II-A presented an assembly on ‘Cleanliness is next to Godliness’.As the entire class joyously presented the morning assembly on this topic, they reiterated the fact that we should keep our body, mind and everything around us clean, which is actually a good habit and should be cultivated from early life.The value leant out of it is - life is a great struggle, and health is the best weapon to be successful in the battle of life.At the end students showcased their colourful performance and requested all to join hands and work to keep our surroundings neat and clean.


Positive Thinking

The powerhouse to your dreams lies in your mind and positive thinking. A special assembly on the theme ‘Positive thinking’ was conducted by Class  III-C on 4 September, 2017. The students presented the thought for the day, dance and a poem based on the theme. A short skit was also performed demonstrating the importance of positive thinking, especially among the members of a family. The moral of the story was well taken by the students which depicted that optimism leads to better interpersonal relationships. The presentation was appreciated by the parents who spared their valuable time to encourage their wards by their presence.


International Youth Day

Youth is the spring of life. It is the age of discovery and dreams. It is not enough to hope for a better tomorrow - we must act now. Younger generation is more creative, energetic, hardworking and innovative. A special assembly on the topic “International Youth Day” was conducted by class IV D. They showcased the problems and responsibilities of today’s youth with the theme of 2017-“Youth Building Peace”.

The assembly commenced with a short skit to convey the message “Youth – The Future of Nation” followed by a dance performance. The students actively took part in it with full enthusiasm and spread the awareness amongst us. It was rightly said by Pt. Jawahar Lal Nehru:

“Children are like buds in a garden and should be carefully and lovingly nurtured, as they are the future of the nation and the citizens of India”.


Make in India

A special assembly was conducted by the students of class X-A on the topic

MAKE IN INDIA. The students presented a skit highlighting the situation before ‘Make in India’ project was initiated,  like a farmer committing suicide,  officials showing no interest in the workplace, setting up of cancer hospitals in India  etc. They further showed how the situations changed after the launch of Make in India.  It further projected the benefits of the ‘Make In India’ initiative for Indian economy like employment generation, skill development and technological enhancement.

The skit was followed by the class teacher’s speech in which stress was on buying Indian products.


World ‘Say No To Junk Food’ Day

The students of class VI-B performed a skit on the topic world ‘Say No to Junk Food’ day on August, 17, 2017. In the skit the students tried to show the ill effects of junk food and the benefits of healthy food. The skit ended with a dance performance by the students.


Stop Cruelty to Animals

“Unseen they suffer, unheard they cry

 In agony they linger, in loneliness they die.”

The above words epitomize the pain, the sufferings that millions of animals endure at the hands of humans every single day.

A special assembly on the topic “Stop Cruelty To Animals” was conducted by class IV-A on August 8, 2017 where students showcased a circus show where the animals are used for entertainment. The assembly commenced with a short skit to convey the message followed by a dance performance. The students participated with great zest and zeal.  It was rightly said by Mahatma Gandhi,

“A nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.”                                                              





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