Special Assembly 2018-19

Spl Assembly 201-19
Spl Assembly 201-19
Spl Assembly 201-19
Spl Assembly 201-19
Spl Assembly 201-19
Spl Assembly 201-19
Spl Assembly 201-19
Spl Assembly 201-19

 “Disaster Management” 

“We cannot stop natural disasters but we can arm ourselves with knowledge: so many lives wouldn't have to be lost if there was enough disaster preparedness.”

Disaster refers to the mishap, calamity or the grave occurrence due to the natural or man-made reasons which can’t be stopped or tackled immediately by the affected community. Earthquakes, cyclones, droughts, floods, forest fires etc are some of the natural disasters resulting into huge loss of lives and properties. The disaster management is the discipline by which human beings continuously makes efforts to reduce the harm caused by the disasters. The best that can be done is to avoid the practices which are hazardous for the environment and are leading towards environmental degradation, while preparing plans for our disaster management. A special assembly on the topic “Disaster Management” was conducted by class IV B. The assembly commenced with a short skit to convey the message followed by a dance performance. The students actively took part in it with full enthusiasm and spread the awareness amongst us.


“Giving is the master key to success, in all applications of human life.”

Class II-C conducted a special assembly on ‘JOY OF GIVING’ on 01.02.19, which started with a motivational thought, followed by a beautiful poem on how it feels when we give our things to the needy.
The students also enacted two thematic plays with a dance performance on the song, “kisiki muskurahto pe ………” The young performers thrilled the gathering with their mesmerizing performance and the presentation of the theme.



“Literacy and Education”

“Education is the most powerful weapon, which can change the whole world” –Nelson Mandela
Students of class VI-A presented a special assembly on the topic “Literacy and Education” on 22.01.19.
The message spreading literacy across the community was beautifully depicted through a small skit wherein students enacted the importance of education. It was followed by the dance performance on the tunes of “Hum deep shiksha ke hain Jagmagayeinge jagmagayeinge jag mein”. Overall it was a successful show.



'Importance of Time'



Special assembly was organized by class-3A on 17th January 2019. All students had participated in it and the theme was 'Importance of Time'. The students presented a beautiful skit to give the above message. A dance item was also presented to make the theme more entertaining and worthy. The parents watched it enthusiastically and appreciated. The students for the wonderful performance.





Child labour is a blot on the society and an abuse on the childhood. We, educated class should understand the value of every single entity on the earth and consider them a noble soul. Keeping in view, class IXB organized an assembly on 13-12-2018, based on the theme, The Lost Spring (The Child Labour). The students understood the sensitivity of the topic and presented it in a manner that it was eye opening for everyone. They pledged on the stage to spread awareness in order to drive out this evil from the society.



'Savdhan Grahak'



The students of Brain International School always come up with some stirring themes to make everyone aware of the hustles prevailing in the society. On the morning of 6th December 2018 the students of class VII B made an effort to awake everyone about the precautions they should remember as a customer. They portrayed the theme of 'Savdhan Grahak' in the morning assembly and reminded everyone of their duties and rights as a customer. They reminded everyone not to believe in fake mails or calls asking to deposit certain amount, check 'Hallmark" while purchasing any jewelry and check expiry dates of all the products before consuming. It was followed by an interesting rap song which stole the hearts of many and conveyed the message in an interesting way.



“Messengers of Peace”


“To reach Peace, teach peace”
To exhibit this beautiful quote , students of class VB presented a special assembly on the topic “Messengers of Peace” on 19th November’18. The message was conveyed to the students, faculty members and parents through a Dance Drama and Dandi March followed by a Dance performance. Overall, it was a wonderful show.




A Special assembly on the theme ‘Save our Monuments’ was conducted by class III B on 12 Nov,2018. The students presented the thought for the day, a skit, dance based on the theme. The assembly proposed to spread the message that we have to preserve the monuments and showcase them to the next generation as the contributions or achievements of our ancestors. A little effort from our side can bring some positive changes that will make the past, the present and the future generations of the country and the world proud of India and its citizens. The moral of the play was well taken by the students .The presentation was appreciated by the parents.

Role of Social Media

“Engage, Enlighten, Encourage and especially...Just be yourself!
Social media is a community effort, everyone is an asset.”

The assembly of class VII-C for the year 2018-19 was conducted on 31st Aug. The theme of the assembly was ‘Role of Social Media’ and the students presented entertaining as well as educative presentations based on the theme. The assembly started with the prayer, followed by a presentation in the form of a poetry recited by the students. A skit was organized related to the topic in which the impact of social media among the people were highlighted in the form of its advantages and disadvantages. The underlining message of the presentation was ‘Keep healthy with outdoor games and spend less time in chatting on Social Media’. The students participated wholeheartedly. The assembly was concluded by splendid dance performance and with our National Anthem. The assembly managed to bring out the participation of all the children.


Gender Equality


“How important it is for us to recognize and celebrate our heroes and she-roes.”

Commemorating the theme of Gender Equality, the brainites of class 8A presented a street-play in the morning assembly on August 6, 2018. With this attempt the school and the kids laid the foundation of an awakened generation of an awakened society. The play showcased that the girls are an important part of the society, thus must not be discriminated. The play also announced that the transgender deserve respect from all of us not hatred and negligence. As responsible social beings it is our solemn duty to create a new society which is free from any form of discrimination.


"If tombstones told the truth, everybody would wish to be buried at sea. ~ John W. Raper "

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