On 29th April 2015, the international outreach director, Mel Broitman from the Canadian University Application Center delivered a very informative lecture on educational opportunities after high school in Canada. A very precise presentation was delivered informing about the requirements for getting selected to a Canadian university. The Canadian universities look for hardworking children, and offer world class standards of education which remains the same for all Canadian universities at affordable prices. With wise quotes and precise points, Mr. Broitman enlightened young brainites of the numerous options that are open for them.



A Two day Career Counseling Session was organised by Mr.Ajit Banerjee for the students and parents of class XI ON 1st April and for students of classes IX & X on 4th April'15.They were informed regarding various career options prevailing in Indian Universities .Its was a very informative workshop which encouraged the students to avail the facilities and enhance their capabilities to create a niche for themselves in this competative world.Also,they were told about the importance of career planning and how it should be done.



"If tombstones told the truth, everybody would wish to be buried at sea. ~ John W. Raper "

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