Anti Cracker Drive


An initiative was taken by Brain International School to inspire people to celebrate pollution free ,noise free diwali on 14.10.2017. Students distributed pamphlets made by them to the parents on the day of P.T.M.Students also asked the parents to take a pledge and sign the pledge board stating their support in the cause.Few students made rangolis to show the healthy side of celebrating this festival.On a whole,the initiative was a success and the parents were highly motivated for the same.



Rally for Rivers

The sun beat down hot and harsh as the children assembled in the courtyard for a special presentation on Wednesday, 27 September 2017. The members of the Isha Foundation performed a nukkad natak for the students of classes I to X impressing upon them the need to conserve water. 
The skit showed the dire conditions which may arise if we do not take requisite steps today. The children took a pledge rendered by the Principal Mrs. Seema Behl promising the further the cause of ‘Rally for Rivers’. They promised that they shall do their best to use water judiciously and will encourage their parents, relatives and friends to give a missed call on 8000980009. The students were invited by the nukkad natak team to join the culmination ceremony on 2nd October 2017.
Together, we can and we will make a difference.

Tree Plantation Drive


Our school carried out a tree plantation drive on August 17th. Students of different houses planted seedlings along with their principal, Ms. Seema Behl. She encouraged the students to take care of their respective seedlings and water it whenever necessary. Each house had a different seedling. She encouraged the students to spend time with the plants that are there in the school’s ground and create awareness on the types of plants present in the school. The students were also inspired to contribute towards increasing the ‘‘Plant Hub’ of the school.


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