Mental Health Awareness week 

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Strong mental health edifies to erect a new door
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Research has revealed that positive mental health displays an upbeat attitude. But the acerbity of the times is that we are suffering from acid of poignant mental indisposition. BIS has been prepping itself on Mental Health Awareness week by drawing the attention of the students for their well-being within education. BIS is trying all these times laying down emphasis to well equip their staff and students to wear oxygen mask and reduce their high stress and burn out. The school equips them with life jacket drug to alleviate them of their mental affliction.
Being a global issue BIS extends its support by offering greetings to Mr. Talal Al Murad Ajman CEO Al Murad Group in UAE in the school. He was awarded social influence 2018-19. It’s his passion to spread social awareness by helping fresher’s find jobs and promote their mental health.
He talked to the students about knitting a healthy social web around them, sharing their feelings by writing diaries and refreshed them to dream big for their career. He also took a trip down the memory lane and revealed how he struggled while waiting for a golden chance to kick start his career. It gave a platform to the students to trudge the path for their career. He intensified his lecture in a more illustrious way so as to befit the students to foresee their career. His words accelerated their dreams to be judicious enough to get a defining probability even during the tough times. There was a healthy and logical discourse discharged from his side to pass tough stuff and handle hard times. Lots of personal experiences and events were shared with the students of classes 9-12 to remain emotionally fit.

‘Tree Plantation Drive’

Brain International School, Vikas Puri has always taken a step forward in spreading awareness in the society. In this regard, as part of the opening ceremony of science week, the students of BIS took an initiative to ‘Save Environment’ by participating in a ‘Tree Plantation Drive’. Students of different classes planted a small sapling of their choice like, Lily, Gulmohar, Marigold etc. and also made placards depicting the name of the sapling along with their class. Students also made attractive banners and posters with catchy slogans on the importance and awareness of trees in our lives. The Principal, Ms. Seema Behl also inspired the students with her motivational words.

Workshop on “Anemia: causes and symptoms”

Children’s health includes their mental, physical and social well-being and it is a great concern for parents and schools that their children always remain healthy and fine. But the junk-food mania and a departure from consuming vegetables are multiple sources leading to deficiency of hemoglobin in blood causing anemia which is a matter of grave concern.
Hence A workshop on “Anemia: causes and symptoms” was conducted at BIS for the students of class 8th on May 15, 2019. The focus of the workshop was to enrich students’ knowledge about anemia and to consume vegetables rich in iron as Iron is a nutrient that's essential to their growth and development. The students were informed about the range of hemoglobin in boys and girls. The symptoms to detect whether they have deficiency of hemoglobin in their body were briefly discussed.
Hence, it’s a mutual objective of parents and school to make our kids healthy to ensure ‘Healthy and Iron-rich India’.

Workshop on ‘Menstrual Hygiene’

Awareness leads to preparedness and preparedness leads to confidence.
Menstruation and menstrual hygiene must be talked about without embarrassment, hesitation or shame. A small step taken to educate girls about menstruation can bring a huge difference in their lives. 
Therefore, Brain International School, conducted a workshop on ‘Menstrual Hygiene’ on May 15th 2019 for the girl pupils of classes 5-7, where they were tutored about maintaining menstrual hygiene, so to be sheltered from various types of infections which they are prone to in these days if not educated. All the topics related to the menstruation like meaning of Menstruation, the cycle of menstruation, physical problems faced by all girls and ways to deal with it, maintaining personal hygiene also taken up to make girl students ready for ‘Happy Periods’. The main aim of the workshop was to create a world in which every woman and girl can manage her menstruation in a hygienic way. The use of sanitary pads was highly recommended for the prevention from various infections. The girls were suggested to increase the intake of iron rich food and liquids. The workshop unfolded squeamishness around menstruation that affects many tender girls adversely across the world.

Career counseling Session

After significant landmarks in education each one of us faces this question ‘what next’ after class 10th, after class 12th and after graduation. Career counseling can help in all the major markers in one’s career. Firstly, to decide a stream and subject combinations, to decide the graduation course, and then, to decide the post-graduation and career option! Career counseling necessitates much more than merely choosing a job and hoping to stay in that job for the rest of one’s life. Choosing a career is seen by many as trying to find a way to assimilate into society, say as a teacher or as a doctor, and also about making a social contribution. A class 11th -12th student with his subject combinations is flooded with agencies providing various entrance preparation and colleges enticing his / her attention. BIS conducted a workshop for classes IX-XII and highlighted the following aspects.
1. Introduction of stream neutral job options.
2. Various job options as per the fields.
3. Various courses for science, commerce and humanities students.
4. Common job profiles introduced as per the subjects.
Students want to be efficacious and they don’t mind getting abet. They may feel reluctant at first or think it’s weak to take rally round, but it is our responsibility to help them structure strong careers. Having a career counseling cell in schools is the first stride in doing that. It is a first rung indeed.

Self Defence Classes

To establish mental awareness in children especially girls and to learn assault avoidance strategies that could stop a crime before it even happens, Self defence classes are given due importance in all the school these days. BIS, too understands that facing violence at a young age, when children cannot fully comprehend what has happened to them, has severe psychosocial repercussions. 
Understanding that self defense is the need of an hour especially in the back drops of increasing incidents of harassment. After the ghastly rape and murder cases reported in the country our school is giving due momentum to the self defense classes. Self defense means using their body aggression as a weapon rather than endangering the aggressors. Sometimes a sharp stare or a noisy rebuke would send the perpetrator’s packing. So it’s about giving girls a self confidence to stand up for their own safety.
For around ten days, we organized these classes with the collaboration of Indian Police. A demonstration of physical drills by women personnel’s were organized on the stage and girls learnt all the skills with full efforts and attentiveness.
It had bolster their confidence level and equipped them better to fight unexpected physical attacks.



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